Sitting on this runway, headed who know's where. Flights so familiar they lose the meaning they once had. And always a risk. And always a reward. And never what you bargained for. Prisoners, forced to be here. Or was the force our free will? And since when was this normal? And why did we accept […]

My Drug of Choice

Can’t fully remember, and yet I can’t fully forget. Who are you, stranger? Stranger still, who am I? What secrets bind us together and tear us apart? What miracles? What hell? I feel you in my shadow, growing in the darkness. At sunrise I hear you whisper of light and glory and power. My drug, […]

Child of Darkness

It doesn’t happen all at once. It starts off slow, like the sun across the sky. In the moment, you wouldn’t know it has moved at all, but each second sends you hurtling through space and time. Eyes to the sky, and you won’t see it. The brilliance blinds your view. Turn your gaze to […]

Learning to Fly (Poetry)

This is a throw back….posted 3 years ago on an old blog I had. I was really feeling it yesterday. Enjoy. Sunday, April 08, 2007 Learning to Fly Category: Writing and Poetry Last year I posted a bitter poem called “To Fly. . .” about the utter hopelessness I, at one time in my life, […]

What It’s Like (Poetry)

It’s like having a disease, or thinking you have one, but you’re not sure, and if you are sure, perhaps just not knowing if there’s a cure. Like a child, perchance, sick with the plague, grasping at the air, in need of something, but unable to find it anywhere. Like there’s an enchantment that keeps […]

Die, old man, die!

Two worlds that cannot peacefully abide. One past. One future. One present to change it all. Old man, in my ear. Whisper your lies again to me. Deceive me when I want to be. I hear the reality that you try to present, but I should not, Can not, will not believe you anymore.