Tell Yourself... (Poetry, Satire)

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Tell yourself that it’s ok

when people shout out the answer before you ask the whole question

when the cashier asks if you want the receipt in the bag but doesn’t wait for an answer

when you look at your reflection in the mirror and it shrugs and walks away

Tell yourself that you don’t mind

when you’re the one that gets cropped out of that facebook picture

when all your hot sauce is gone, but you know you didn’t use it

when you have to brush your teeth really hard because you can’t afford nice toothpaste


Tell yourself that you’ll be fine

when you come in early and leave late, and no one’s there to see or appreciate

when your feelings are stains you cannot wash from your sleeves

when someone passes gas in the elevator, pushes all the buttons, then leaves


Tell yourself all of these things

when it’s really not ok…

when you really do mind…

when you really won’t be fine…


All better. Yes?

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