A Good Man

From the moment I fought my way into this world it was there, steeped into the deoxyribonucleic acid bath that decided all I could be.  And every day that has since passed has been filled with that same certainty. As surely as I breathe, a propensity for greatness lies within me.  Cradled and raised in […]

When Did We Grow Old?

It’s never the news you want to hear. I stood there, staring at my phone trying to grasp the new reality that broke into my world. It was already a bad day. A birthday. I’m not much for birthdays…or at least not my own, but even then, no one likes working a 12-hour day for […]

Dreaming of Death

It's so familiar and yet so damning, that moment you gain consciousness in a dream. I can never remember how my dreams start. I'm just in the middle, putting together the fragments to know what I'm supposed to be doing next. I've dreamed of a great many things over the years, most of which I'd […]

To Understand

It's been a good year. I've learned more, grown more, and discovered more than I've ever imagined possible, but I'm not one to rest on laurels. Exorcism is more my thing. It is customary for me to annually spend countless hours in thought and reflection over the events of an ending year and over the […]

What Have I Become?

I didn’t know for sure if it was dead, but the odds were high. I slowed to a stop and took a deep breath. There’s something about a human body laying motionless in the street. I was on my way to work. Who knows where he had been headed. It was just around 6AM. A […]

Disaster in Detriot

“I hope this email finds you well…” Such simple words, glowing off a dimmed laptop screen. I already knew what the rest of the email would say. The startling, terrifying events of the previous weekend were burned into my mind. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Just one nice, easy marathon to end the […]

In Search of Our Former Selves

They say innocence is only lost once. I am not sure if I agree. Innocence is lost every day, slowly, like a compromise in the hull of a boat. I doesn’t sink all at once. There is a gradual surrender as the sea claims its treasure; So it is with this strange existence we call life. […]


Attrition (noun) the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure Twenty thousand people clogged the streets of downtown Cincinnati. In the pre-dawn haze, chatter swarmed over a great many subjects, punctuated by the squeak of shoes against wet pavement and the spring-loaded slam […]

He’s dead.

He’s dead now. I killed him. I didn’t mean to. Or maybe I did. I just didn’t think I could or I would. They say you never forget the first time–the first life you take. But it’s hard to remember. It all blurs together, and there’s just the fragments. I never talked about it. The […]