A Good Man

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A Good Man

From the moment I fought my way into this world it was there, steeped into the deoxyribonucleic acid bath that decided all I could be. 

And every day that has since passed has been filled with that same certainty. As surely as I breathe, a propensity for greatness lies within me. 

Cradled and raised in the heritage of kings, and the promises of divine purpose, and the dreams. So many dreams. 

Tutored and schooled in the halls of heroes, reading the lore of every mighty deed, and knowing, one day that will be me. 

Always the focus, sights set high, target acquired, locked in, fired. Reload and repeat. Until greatness was the dust under my feet. 

But no one ever told me how hard it would be. Every eye is set on it, every heart longs for it. And, chasing greatness, we lost sight of goodness. Dreaming of what we could be, we forgot who we should be.

I thought I was destined to be a great man, but each year that passes pulls me farther from the dream. 

Perhaps the greatest thing I could ever try to be is a good man. 

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