While Angels Wept (1 of 3)

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There in the darkness, on the road of temptation, flirting with disaster and tempting fate, burning with selfish desires and lust he waited.

The angels watched and pulled his arm, and said, “Please, son, don’t do this,” but he pulled away as if to say, “Go away, I don’t need your help.

There he stood as the headlights appeared and began to draw near. Temptation approached, and directly towards him it steered.

The angels waited with bated breath, knowing they couldn’t protect him if he stayed on the path, but heedless, he stubbornly would not move aside.

There was no screech, just a crash and thud as the smiling young man was knocked in the mud, caring not what he had done while angels wept.

The angels had turned their heads away, not wanting to see as he was smitten. All but one, who shed tears with each stroke of the pen as the record of sin was written.

(To be continued…)

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