Humans--They Fail

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Humans–they fail.

The Middleton–he’s human.

Conclusion–he fails too.


Sitting back knowing all I need to do, my thoughts are pervaded by this thought. Not merely of the ability of humans to fail but also their aptness. Failure is a part of our lives, however miniscule or epic the scale may be. People fail us. We fail them. We fail ourselves. This brings a measure of discomfort, and perhaps rightfully so, yet, it being such a part of our existence, if not our species’ definition, should we not accept it? May we actually accept it without being comfortable with it?


Is there a difference between innocent failure and blatant failure? Does intention define failure? For example, if you did something you intended to do, or knew better than to do, is that a failure of success? Or, if you you did something you didn’t mean to do, is it a failure or an accomplishment?


It’s all in your eyes.


You’re human. You fail. I’m human. I fail. You may fail me. I may fail you. Accept that much. In light of that, let’s all just be realistic and accept our humanity, with all it entails, and stop pretending like failure is such a big deal or such a small deal. It’s just a deal. When dealing with humans, failure comes entailed. Be mindful of that next time you interact with a human.

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