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It has been an excessive amount of time since I’ve blogged here, and thus my return will be properly random.




People are losers. Have you noticed? It’s not their fault, perhaps. It must be in their blood or something. Before you haste to object with the retort that The Middleton is a human and thus a loser as well, trust me, I thought of that and have already embraced it. The fact that you wanted to make sure that I knew I’m a loser makes you more of a loser.





Have you noticed how the things that people say make absolutely no sense, and yet these things are randomly adopted into full usage by the masses. My conclusion: Grammar will be extinct in the next century. It’s presently endangered, and certainly by reason of one factor….TEXT MESSAGING. Texting is a scourge to the English language. The language is utterly slaughtered daily by texts. I speak as one guilty. I am guilty of the following offenses: sux, yeh, tht, hav, u, hbu, and a few others on a regular basis. The sad thing is, as I mentioned before, texting affects speaking, and now people say this:


“I know, right?!”


What does that even mean? It’s like a declaration of personal understanding followed by an inquiry as to whether the said declaration is true, and the MEANING of this is attempting to convey, “You are correct.” Come on people, is this the best we can do to affirm understanding?




Me: “What’s with everyone saying, ‘I know, right?!’ all the time? What does that even mean?”

(friend): “I know, right?!”


Yes. True story.





I just set a new personal record for travel. Over 3,600 miles driven in 4 consecutive weekends. Most recently I was in Alabama doing sales after Pastor David Asscherick spoke at Madison Mission Church. 1,200 mile roundtrip. It was well worth it though.

– I finally saw, with my own eyes, the hall on Oakwood University’s campus named after my great-grandfather, Otis Bernard Edwards Sr. Awesome feeling of wonder at the great things my forefathers accomplished.

– I saw Lilena Walker, whom I had not seen in 2 years–back in the days we both lived in Ohio. It was like a mini-New-Life-reunion. We’ve just got to crank that Lion King again.

– I met Michaelle Alexandra, after so long a time. I’d seen her enough times, and spoken of her (and the family) with mutual friends enough times, there was this strange, slight familiarity that I don’t often have with people I’ve never met. And, I am still indebted to you, Micky, for your help. Thank you.

– I hunted down Victor Walker. Tell me how I could be in the same vicinity as you, and your slothful self would hibernate throughout my visit? But I got you, I did. I saw that Lincoln, with the Ohio plates, and the “Turbo” magnet on the back. There’s only one of those in the US of A.

– I also got to see Sarina Goulding, whom I had not seen in over a year–back in my West Virginia days. The air-bass is still killing me. Stay well, yes, please?





I’m not sure I have any left. It might be overrated anyway. Is anyone feeling me on this point? Is it just me, or is someone else on a quest for normalcy, which seems futile at times? Then I start thinking, if your existence is defined by its lack or normalcy, wouldn’t the lack of normalcy become normalcy because it’s the norm?





Do people do that anymore? I’m not sure if I am in tune with the general population, but it seems the people that I talk to either can’t sleep even though they want to, or they don’t sleep for any number of reasons, or both of these, or some other random reason. Tell me please.



Peace out.


This is the part where I leave.

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