Fire Elemental by RuslanKadiev

Monsters Are Within

If I walk by in apathy, turn a blind eye to the desperation of need; If my hands stay in my pockets and my heart never skips a beat; If within me I feel nothing and never try to intervene, it means nothing.

The monsters are within.

If I sell all that I have to feed the poor, surrender my own body to the flames; If I love without condition, give without expectation of gain; If with open heart I gladly sacrifice it all, it means nothing.

The monsters are within.

If I fight against temptation, try to live a righteous life; If I war against the darkness, set fire to the night; If with my last breath I whisper a vow to never give up the fight, it means nothing.

The monsters are within.

The offense of a predator, preying upon the weak. The evil of a madman, torturing for sport. The hatred of a genocide; Devil in human flesh. And I am. For you have said it to be. And your words speak it into me.

The monsters are within.



Image credit: Fire Elemental by RuslanKadiev


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