The Other Missionaries

A documentary film produced for UnScene Media Group, Inc.

There are the missionaries you always hear about. They travel far across land and sea, through deserts and jungles, to developing countries around the world, bringing medical assistance, education, and the gospel. These missionaries are heralded as bold, intrepid explorers and pioneers, and so they should be.

And then there are The Other Missionaries. They don’t travel to the places you think of when you hear the words “Mission Trip.” The call, for them, is much closer to home. Their work is to carry the gospel to the unreached, even in North America, and these young men and women press forward on a quest to redefine what it means to be a missionary. The call for missionaries is not just a stereotypical expedition to the other side of the world. It is a commission for every one of us to reach the people in our own countries for Christ.

Discover the desperate need for missionaries in North America, as you follow along with team of young missionaries assembled by Eastern Canada Youth for Christ to carry out the Gospel commission in Newfoundland, Canada.