The Journey of 2,015 Miles

The journey of 2,015 miles began with a single wreck. A year ago, my companions and I were traveling down to Phoenix, AZ when our truck and travel trailer started sliding out of control. In the end, the trailer flipped on the side of the road, and we were stranded on the side of the […]

Against An Army

Like waking up from a surgery that you didn’t plan on having, I awaked Thanksgiving Day in a most confused state of agony. It was as if someone had surgically inserted a screwdriver under my left kneecap. Three weeks earlier, it had inexplicably begun. A stabbing pain in the knee. It’s made the monumental task of […]

Running Alone

A mountain of time has passed since I wrote thoughts of mine with any intent for them to be shared. My monologues and my life have been decidedly closed for a long time now. At this point, almost no one knows where I am and what I’m doing; for all intents and purposes, it would […]

The Chosen Ones

This is the sermon I preached at the Lakeport Community Church over the weekend. Bottom line: The chosen ones are not chosen ones simply because they have been chosen by The Chosen One. They are chosen ones because they have chosen The Chosen One.

Arriving Alive

Day One. Somehow, I made it here. Against all odds, I’ve arrived. 2,500 miles didn’t seem like a big deal at the onset. Thursday, I wove my way through the states. Ohio. Indiana. Illinois. Iowa. Nebraska. But not all was well. With each mile, the dusty, bumpy roads jarred the car all the more, tearing […]