The mission just started. It’s been entirely dramatic and difficult this far. The time we spent in Manila seems like a dream dreamed a lifetime ago. I miss my good friend Jollibee. He’s the mascot of a restaurant chain here. He’s so friendly and kind. I’ve learned from him a lot about being friendly. But those days are gone. Now we’re getting out into the rough. Today we’ve stopped in Roxas (pronounced Ro-hás) and it looks like this will be the last connection I have with the outside world until our mission is completed.

Pray for the mission, please, please, please. It has been wild so far. The day we left Manila, we received news that the cousin of one of our missionaries died. The two of them were to join us on the mission. Please pray for the grieving family. After praying for the family, we loaded all of our luggage into a jeepney. Now, for those of you who have never heard of a jeepney, it’s kind of like school bus, but not. It’s more like a midget bus. The door is in the back and inside are two benches facing each other. Somehow after putting in our loads of luggage, we crammed ourselves into it as well. For hours and hours we rode down the bumpy roads. Temperatures soared up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. No relief came until the sun set when finally a cool breeze greeted us. The hours passed, we drove onto a ferry and took it to the island of Mindoro. Then more driving, still in the jeepney. The sun rose, and we, still sticky and sweaty, rolled on and on. Finally we reached our destination. That evening we began our revival at the church in Roxas. I preached on the importance of knowing the Word of God for ourselves. That night and Sabbath morning I was struck with dizzy spells from the offsetting of my circadian rhythm, since I was unable to sleep the night we drove in the jeepney. Somehow God gave me strength to do a seminar with my wife on the subject of relationships. God is faithful, and keeps us going, in spite of the heat and the schedules.

Keep us in your prayers. It’s the only way we’ll make it. Our last few missionaries are arriving today and tomorrow. Jermaine’s flight just landed, Michelle and the others come tomorrow. They’ll be meeting us up in the mountains. Goodbye world. I’ll see you again. And you’ll see me, with a really nice tan.

God bless!


  1. Inspiring. This is the kind of young people the Lord is raising to be in a mighty army against all odds to spread the gospel of a Jesus who came, died and rose again for man’s salvation

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