Riding Upon the High Places

“Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth…” – Isaiah 58:14

The voice of a man crackled over the intercom: “This is your captain speaking. It looks like we have a problem with one of our generators. We need to go back to the gate to see if we can get it replaced. We can’t go without it.”
I already knew there had to be something wrong. We’d been sitting on the runway for all of 30 minutes. I kept looking at my watch, saying to myself, “We’re going to miss our connection. I know we’re going to miss our connection.” Back to the gate. More sitting. More waiting. After three hours had passed and it was impossible for us to make our connection in Beijing, the captain again came onto the intercom announcing that they’d been able replace the generator and we could resume our journey to China.
After a sleepless flight, we were at last on the ground in Beijing, but now we now faced the inevitable problem. The connecting flight to Manila had left at least 1-2 hours before we arrived. It was now drawing near 3 AM. I wasn’t worried. It was their fault we missed the flight, so they’d have to get us on another flight. However, they did even better than that. In a short time we were brought to the place where we’d stay until our new flight departed.
The Hilton Beijing Capital Airport Hotel. Five stars.
Never in my life have I stayed in such luxurious accommodations. The lush carpets and hardwood floors. Marble all through the lobby. The place was just magnificent. Entirely magnificent.
A hot soak in the bathtub was just what the doctor ordered for the muscle aches and cramps from being confined on a plane for so long. Everything was just perfect.
After sweet relaxation and rest, we went down for breakfast. Nothing could have prepared me for what was awaiting us. I beheld, and lo, the greatest buffet I’ve ever laid eyes upon. This place seriously put to shame all other buffets I have ever seen. They had everything, pancakes–as you’d expect, but also Indian food, kimchi, exotic fruits, steamed and sauteed vegetables, and fresh juice as in here’s-all-the-fruit-you-could-want-and-here’s-a-juicer-so-make-whatever-you-want fresh juice.
The bathroom in our hotel roomGod is truly amazing, and we give thanks for everything he’s given us. The rest that night was much needed and appreciated. The food ranked in my top 3 best meals ever. It was so nice to be able to relax a bit even as we prepare for this mission to the Philippines. God is good. A free stay at a 5-star hotel? My God is awesome.
The next night, in Manila, we slept in a room so tiny that when all our bags were in the room, there was no walking space at all. And we paid for that room 🙂 God has a sense of humor. Even in the tiny room, we still give thanks. God has always provided for our needs, and we give thanks in all things, not just in the good, the plenty, and the comfort, but in all things.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We only have a few days to finish preparations before we head out into the middle of nowhere to preach the gospel. Your prayers and support make our work possible.
God bless you all! Much love, Ben & Mia


  1. Haha…He does have a senseif humour indeed! I prayed that you both would be able to find even just a few more hours of rest before arriving to labour for Him…and of course, He delivered above and beyond. Hope you are safe and experiencing renewed strength every day you are there so that you can continue to bless and be blessed, my friends!

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